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in the u.s. military in iraq and afghanistan wars. militants in yemen pose an especially potent threat. >> al qaeda benefits from yemen. the ethnicity of many of its members are of arabic heritage. osama bin laden -- it is close to saudi arabia, there are funding sources from private citizens. >> yemen is on high alert. security has been tightened. multiple checkpoints have been set up and tanks are guarding key installations. the yemeni army has surrounded foreign buildings as well as the airport. the strategic interest to the red sea is also being closely monitored. as muslims celebrate the end of the month of ramen on -- ramadan, the yemeni government says they have foiled a plot by al qaeda. >> the interior ministry has implemented many security plans for safety and stability in yemen. to protect our citizens and the foreigners living here. the united states says it will remain cautious and keep 19 of the 22 diplomatic post closed at least until the end of the week. >> the use of drones is one way the u.s. military has approached unmanned combat. >> they look like something from a
>> hello and welcome to "news week south asia." in this weeks episode, u.s. -- lighting indian rupee -- sliding indian rupee. government says no need for panic. and now for all the details. pakistan is already in the dark for harboring seminaries linked with terrorist organizations. ironically, rather than cracking the whip on these groups, islamabad is inclined to host them. recently, another popular seminary is also banned by the united states, but seminary refutes the charges. students and teachers at a pakistani islamic school designated as a terrorist training center by the united dates rebutted the charges and said they had not had a chance to defend themselves against the accusations. the u.s. treasury imposed sanctions on the islamic school, saying it trained recruits and facilitated funding for al qaeda, the taliban, and others accused by indian intelligence of masterminding the 2008 mumbai attacks. the sanctions include a ban on u.s. citizens having anything to do with the schools. the pakistani interior ministry and the army declined to comment , but the school princ
investigated and spent 60 days in jail in 1986 for fraud charges that were later dropped. the u.s. one sink used him of being -- once accused him of being involved in the drug trade, an accusation he strongly denied. he claims to have put his past behind him. >> i am not in politics to make myself rich. i am in politics to serve the people. >> he convincingly won elections in april, returning to power the party that was in office for 60 years and played a key role in supporting the military from 1954 to 1989. the party eventually lost to this man, a former bishop in 2008. his controversial impeachment by congress last year led to paraguay boss -- paraguay's exclusion from the regional trade bloc. it is clear the new president has bridges to build. >> we can say we have contradictions between what he said during his campaign and the first weeks of his the -- and the first weeks of his presidency, and now. >> he has chosen technocrats and business people for notes. placing the presidential sash in a peaceful transfer of power has not been the norm in paraguay. democracy in paraguay is among t
the admitted judd -- ahmadinejad presidency. the government made several overtures to the u.s., was discredited by reason of the fact that the u.s. ignored those over chores. -- overtures. it was replaced by hard-line president. the relationship deteriorated significantly. there is a statement that elections have consequences. iranian elections are not free and fair. the iranians are not offered many choices. they are offered meaningful choices. one can almost never predict the outcome. nobody predicted ahmadinejad's selection -- election, including the most influential elements of the establishment, who were quite surprised. the next election is shaping up to be a very interesting event, with various factions involved. there may be opportunities to change the nature of that relationship. it's probably not going to happen. it's certainly not going to happen unless we can successfully address the first reversing the iranian nuclear program to a point where they are more distant from gaining nuclear weapons capability, and can we have confidence that they will stay at that dista
monitoring the trial who gave us the latest on the trial and what it means for china. >> there has not been an official release, many believe the trial will end later today. and based on the official blog, they rejected most of the charges yesterday. there has been a fierce debate. we might expect more dramatic debate from the microblog. the source for most of the journalists here, how much that may impact the final outcome, it is hard to say. but the final verdict will be announced after the closure of the trial. this has been the first time it has been related in a decade. transparency has been expected although many western journalists believe that this should have more openness. that change has already been quite significant. many chinese believe that they may push forward. the initial transparency, the real impact will take some time to see. >> and townhall is being seen as the biggest political shakeup to hit the elite in decades. events in the courtroom have gripped the nation. that is the city in southwest china where it was once a communist party bossed. >> removed from his post as
to "news week south asia." a new mechanism can be used to pull in instruments. no money for infrastructure and education. now, for the details. in less than a month, more than three times china has crossed the border with india, amounting to insurgents, raising the level of mistrust and tension between the countries, but amid rising friction, stakeholders on both sides held talks in new delhi. according to top article talks, -- protocol talks, they spoke on broader affairs, but the short incursion dominated the talks. here is the report. >> recent state of incursions from chinese troops into india figured in the talks between the two countries here. both sides discussed ways to make the functioning of working neck and dozens more efficient with the possibility of more confidence building measures. at the two official level talks, both sides deliberated on ways to maintain peace and tranquility against the ckground of concerns over incursions from the chinese liberation army. three been reported, casting serious doubts over the intention of the new leadership of china. >> these are all oper
was most active between 1996 and 1998. >> he used to teach the outfit how to make bombs. he is also close to a man wanted in india for his role in the mumbai terror attacks. >> he has been charged >> he is se in the 1993 blasts in mumbai and the attacks in delhi in 1996 and 1997. delhi police had said he was actively involved. they seized a pakistani passport from him for evidence. a carefully crafted operation in the united arab emirates and saudi arabia landed him in jail. he is likely to provide interrogators with more details of the inner workings of operations against india. he has evolved from being a terror operative to keep mentor, fundraiser for jihadists in west asia. >> he is a good catch, a very good catch. this is a big achievement on the part of the security establishment. i'm sure a lot of useful information will accrue from his interrogation. >> and 1996, he is alleged to have executed a series of bombings in delhi, the first significant actions carried out under his direct command. >> the holy month of ramadan holds a special place in lives of muslims. it is a month fille
mount pressure on pakistan to say that pakistan has done it, and use the world pressure to say nothing has changed in pakistan. >> the prime minister in pakistan says he is saddened by the incident and has expressed his desire to carry on the dialogue process with india, which is a refusal to deny the role in the killing. india has had a specialized team of the pakistan army is behind the attack -- said a specialized team of the pakistan army is behind the attack. >> it is now clear that a specialist group in the pakistan army were in this attack, crossing and killing. we all know -- we all know that nothing happens from the pakistan line of control. we do not support assistance and direct involvement of the pakistan army. naturally, this incident will help concentrate us on our behavior and for our relationships with pakistan. our restraint cannot be taken for granted, nor should the capacity of armed forces, or the government. it will be noted. >> the newly elected prime minister of pakistan are -- is expecting to hold discussions on the sidelines of the united nations general assemb
happened last week in damascus was not a slamdunk. >> let me talk about what is at stake. >> the u.s. president says he is convinced the -- intelligence points the finger squarely at damascus. unnamed officials have been questioning that assessment in media reports. >> we talk frequently about biological weapons. >> the question echoes 2003, when colin powell waved a file of simulated anthrax powder at the united nations in a bid to convince the world that iraq possessed stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction. the white house rejects that comparison. >> i do not agree these are similar situations. i think there are some very important differences. what we saw in that circumstance was an administration that was searching high and low to produce evidence to justify a military invasion. >> the white house says that unlike during the lead up to the iraq war, the evidence this time is plain to see in the internet video and testimony from doctors at this the, from patients treated. they are promising a public intelligence assessment report -- before taking action. congress was briefed w
, convicted of the 2002 killing of u.s. journalist daniel pearl, have been relocated from karachi to other, more secure locations, sources said. the success of the latest jailbreak has emboldened the taliban. additional units rush to reinforce prison gates around the country. officials warn that there could be more attacks. [speaking in foreign language] >> hours after the raid, the inspector general of the provincial prison system and a raft of other officials were suspended. officials in islamabad were quick to accuse provincial authorities of incompetence, saying intelligence agencies had sent them several tipoffs about an impending attack in the area. the attack on the jail, carried out by dozens of taliban fighters, was the latest incident in a surge of violence in pakistan. it reflects the growing capabilities of the pakistani branch of the taliban, an offshoot of the insurgents of the same name in neighboring afghanistan. to strike at the heart of pakistan's other was closely guarded prison system. there was a degree of collusion with the taliban within the system, including informa
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)